January 23rd Meeting Review

For those who were unable to make it to the January 23rd meeting, here’s a little update on what’s going on:

  1. The images for the coozie designs are posted on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.469670943097638.112383.224964664234935&type=1#!/pages/SIU-Student-Chapter-of-The-Wildlife-Society-Zoology-Club/224964664234935) under “Coozie Designs”. You can vote for your favorite coozie by hiting the “like” button for your image (if you vote for coozie 1, make sure to like BOTH the front and back images). Voting will be open to mid-february, so make sure you get on that
  2. Next Saturday we will be heading to a wolf sancturary. Time and meeting location will be determined soon, so keep checking your emails/facebook for more updates.
  3. Guest speaker Kim King-Wrenn from the Division of
    Refuges at Crab Orchard came to talk to the club.  She spoke about the numerous job
    opportunities offered within her division such as management,
    administration, law enforcement, visitor services, fire management,
    maintenance, biology, and volunteers who perform a wide variety of
    duties on site.  She went into further detail on programs to get a
    head start on a future position.  One of these was the Youth
    Conservation Corps which allows younger children along with high
    school students to gain work experience they may not previously have
    such as trash pick-up, weed pulling, sign set-up, etc.  Another is the
    Pathways Internship Program which is the newest version of the former
    STEP/SCEP program.  This program has three parts:  internships for
    current students in a related field, the Recent Grad Program which
    narrows candidates to those within two years of graduation, and the
    Professional Program for higher level (PhD, etc.) candidates.  All of
    these have specific requirements that must be fulfilled; you can find
    any further information pertaining to these jobs on www.usajobs.com.
    In order to apply you MUST apply online at this site.Also, she made sure to add the information about the FREE eagle tours
    THIS weekend at Crab Orchard…feel free to add that as well if you
    feel like it! Whew, that’s all I’ve got, use whatever you like 🙂

Next meeting will be February 13th  at 7pm in Lawson 201. Hope to see you there!!

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