Endangered Wolf Center

A beautiful yet brisk day made for one fantastic day to learn about and see some great canids. We arrived after a nice long drive to the St. Louis Area to Eureka. We were met by a wonderful docent that was able to run us through all the wild animals that were kept at the center. Her speaking led to discussion within the group about the usefulness of these types of establishments.

Then we took off to see all of the animals in their enclosures. The first animal that we saw was the Swift Fox. We were told that the fences around them went 3 feet down because they dig under most fences. The next animal was the Mexican Gray Wolf, the most endangered gray wolf there is. Many of the animals were breeding to produce offspring that can be released into the wild. We then saw the Red Wolves prance about their enclosure. We weren’t lucky enough to see the African Painted Dogs, but we saw the beautiful Maned Wolves move around in their enclosure. It was a fantastic trip.

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