February 27th Meeting Review

In case you missed Wednesday’s meeting, we had Beverly Stofstall from
Free Again talk to us about her work in wildlife rehabilitation and
the harsh realities of the job that some of us may not realize. She
also brought a few friends along:  an American kestrel, a screech owl,
and a barred owl.  It was a neat experience, and I hope you all who
attended got something out of it!

We had a few activity announcements as well:
– Saturday, March 23rd, we are taking a trip to the aquarium in St.
Louis.  It is a 90-minute tour costing $6, and we ask that you bring
$5 extra for your driver.  We will be leaving at 7:45am from Lawson
parking lot and should arrive home around 2pm.
– Saturday, March 30th, Alfredo is planning to go hiking in Shawnee,
and is inviting anyone who would like to join.  He will probably leave
around 9 or 10am, and the length of the trip is TBD.  Contact Alfredo
directly, if interested, for more details .
– Saturday, April 6th, we are planning a volunteer work day at Free
Again Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Carterville.  We will leave
from Lawson parking lot at 9:30am and work for approximately 2-4
– April 13th and 14th we are going to have a camping trip.  More
details on location and departure are to come.  This is the weekend of
Conclave, but we do not have enough interested in going.  If you are
still wanting to go to Conclave you are more than welcome, but unless
we have more students interested, we will not be taking a group.  The
registration deadline (for Conclave) is March 1st so contact Alfredo
immediately if interested.
– We are planning to take a trip to the Spillway on Saturday, April
20th around 10am.  The next day (Sunday, April 21st), we will be going
to Snake Road at LaRue Pine Hills around 10:30am.
– The date for the infamous Beast Feast has been set for Saturday,
April 27th.  More details to come.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, contact Alfredo
at alfredos@siu.edu.

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