Deer Trapping

Week 1: February 22nd through February 24th

Matt, Kevin, Courtney & Justin were wonderful to work with. In addition to helping out & seeing an unbelievable amount of diverse wildlife (mostly of the feathered kind.) Altogether, there were four (4) deer captured this weekend. A 1-1/2 yr 6-pointer & a button buck were captured by Matt, Saturday evening around 6:15. Maddie, Krista, & Dylan did their part to secure the deer as drugs were administered, samples taken, & ear tags & a radio collar were attached (all of which was very hands-on for the three of them). After seeing the other deer leave the vicinity, they assisted Courtney & Justin with their button buck & mature doe.

Week 2: March 1st through March 3rd

Although the weekend was much less exciting, the group learned a lot during their time there. The four were able to learn how to set a net, maintain a site, and different techniques on capturing. The nights were long and deer-less, but they led to great discussion and a huge amount of information from the wise Ph.D. candidate and techs.

Speaking on behalf of the entire group, thank you Matt Springer for all of your help and knowledge.

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