St. Louis Aquarium

It was a brisk morning, but that was no problem for us since we were going to spend most of the day inside either a vehicle or building. When we finally got to St. Louis, the museum was very different in appearance than every other building. Seeing most of an airplane on the side of a building is not usually a normal situation for most of us. The aquarium was not exactly what you think of when you imagine an aquarium. The non-for-profit takes in all kinds of animals that they have room for. It’s a large collection of pets and projects that were donated. There’s everything from sting rays, to sloths, to otters, to crocodiles, and even an armadillo. We were led around by Chuck who gave us a great tour of the entire place. It was great to hear everything from his point of view; we also talked about volunteering to do some exhibit construction next semester.

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