Volunteer Work

Free Again Wildlife Rehabilitation-

Free Again, Inc. began in 1988 by Beverly Shofstall, while working as a veterinary technician at Central Hospital for Animals in Herrin. The facility has since grown and now takes in over 400 hundred animals annually.


The Humane Society of Southern Illinois-

HSSI has been serving the Southern Illinois community since 1956. They are a private, nonprofit organization that takes in approximately 4,000 animals yearly. Although they do have contracts with some local animal control agencies, they depend on donations to help keep their shelter in operation.


Saint Francis Care-

St. Francis CARE is a no-kill animal shelter and low cost spay/neuter clinic supported by volunteers and donations that provide animals with a shelter in which they can be housed, cared for or rehabilitated until they can be adopted by a human who will ensure their health and well-being for the rest of their natural life.


Job Announcements

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